Should a Dog Have a Playpen as its Bedroom or a Crate?

Should a Dog Have a Playpen as its Bedroom or a Crate?

This is a question whether or not you should have your dog placed in a crate or playpen and make it as its bed. While you are in a battle whether to put your dog in a playpen or not, there are those that do not wish to crate their dogs at all because they feel that confining their dogs is cruel. However, putting your dog in a playpen can give them a sense of security. Training your dog to go into the dog playpen properly can also be a lifesaver for owners like you. You can find recommendations of the best dog playpens here: There are ways to abuse the use of the dog playpen, but when used appropriately for certain time periods, like going to bed, it will become a huge advantage for you and the dog in the long run, especially when you want to achieve certain goals like house training, teaching your dog to relax and settle and even prevent them from displaying destructive behavior.

When your dog is taught via positive reinforcement in loving the playpen, the playpen will turn into a safe and private haven for the dog, like how a child does when they are in their bedroom. A playpen is a place where the dog can come and go as he pleases and also where he is not bothered. It is the perfect destination whenever the dog gets nervous or tired. It is a natural instinct of a god to be inside a den. Most dogs get to love the dog playpen easily.

Benefits of Dog Playpen Training

There are various benefits to dog playpen training your dog. The playpen should be at a proper size – one that your dog is comfortable to be in. When done this way, it will encourage the instinct of your dog not to mess him where he will sleep, teaching him the proper bowel and bladder control. They will create a view wherein the playpen is a clean place, and it should stay that way. Also, it will be a huge benefit for you when you have new puppies or a rescue dog when you do their house training.

Using the dog playpen to prevent your pup or dog from attracting trouble when you can’t directly supervise them. Such times can be at night when you and the rest of the family are asleep when you are out at work provided that the work day is not that long and that your dog gets to have their exercise when you are cooking or any given time that your attention is not with them.

Dog playpen training gives the benefit for both puppies and dogs to expect and at the same time enjoy down time and even get through relaxing time. Your pooches can be placed in a dog playpen with safe and yummy treats or toys to keep them relaxed, secure and away from mischief for some time.

There are dogs that do not need the playpen at all and will just settle with playpens, but the crate is still important for the conditions mentioned above.

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